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The only mobile Eco Auto Spa with steam detailing in the DMV!


Eco Safe AutoMobile are the premier and ONLY mobile auto spa & detail that offers steam technology in the DMV area. Equipped with our commercial steam machine and eco-friendly products, we will treat your car like royalty. Experience the difference with Eco Safe AutoMobile Spa services. We specialize in breathing life back into your car. Who says you can't turn back time? Yes, we have seen many teary eyes as we watch the owners fall back in love with their car. Save invaluable time by letting us detail your car while you carry on with daily work. Why wait in dingy waiting rooms and suspect lounges for your car to be detailed? We will come to you and detail your car on your property.

The Eco Safe AutoMobile Difference: Not all mobile auto detailers are created equal. We are the cream of the crop and here are some of the reasons why:

  • We use vapor steam technology with brilliant, astounding results both inside and out.
  • We use only 4 liters of water for our custom, commercial vapor machines. This means no messy water runoff or floods on your driveway and lawn.
  • We get in between nooks and crannies, between the seats and console area
  • We perform a complete ventilation cleaning killing bacteria, mold, and allergens.
  • We save over 80 gallons of water per wash.
  • We use only bio-degrabale, non-toxic products.
  • We are the only mobile auto detailer in the area that uses steam technology!

Environmentally Better, Healthier Living

An average American spends over 4 hours in the car daily. A neglected vehicle is a safe haven for germs, bacteria and disease. Improve your health and the quality of air you breathe. Tests have shown that before an Eco Safe AutoMobile visit, there is an average of 540 different variations of bacterias, and contaminants per square inch. After one Eco Safe AutoMobile visit, tests prove that the germs have decreased to less than 4 variations per square inch.

Our Services: We offer many packages that you can choose from to fit any budget.

  • Full exterior waterless hand detail steam wash including full rims, tires & wheels.
  • Carnauba wax to seal your shine for weeks to come.
  • Complete interior cleaning including vacuuming, detailing, leather treatment.
  • Ulphostery & Spot removal.
  • Clay bar to remove swirls and paint surface damage for a sleek, showroom finish.
  • Restoration of headlights.
  • Engine detail cleaning.
  • Fleet & Corporate Discount Programs available.
  • Maintenance Package for regular visits.
  • For more services, click here.

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