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Eco Safe AutoMobile is a mobile steam car wash company. We use innovative high pressure steam technology to clean car's exterior and interior restoring the car to new. 

Steam car washing is a new technology using high pressurized steam/vapor. The heat and high pressure combined results in a stunning clean while being completely safe on car surfaces and the fragile environment. Is there a water drought restriction in your neighborhood? No worries, we can still wash your car without violating the restriction. Traditional water car washes, doing it yourself or a regular car wash station consumes over 80 gallons of water. Our steam wash technology is 100% environment-friendly with no chemical use, with a very little use of water (4 liters per car on average) and without leaving any waste-water or chemicals behind.

The benefits of steam technology is boundless. Our Eco Safe Auto Technicians can easily melt away all kind of dirt, oil, bird droppings etc without scratching your car. In addition steam not only cleans but it also sterilizes and deodorizes, killing all bacteria and germs that cause bad odor. Steam can also clean hard-to-reach areas like dashboards,vents,rails, door jams, ashtrays,cup holders, armrests and all the edges and corners efficiently and completely.

You never need to go to the car wash again, save your time, the gas and the environment! We can wash your car where it’s parked without you even needing to be there. We do need to be within a 100 ft of an electric outlet.

  • Less than 4 liters of water used to wash your car. FACT: An average wash at a regular car wash or by yourself consumes and wastes more than 100 gallons of water per use.
  • Shine enhancing, protective carnauba wax and layer for long lasting results
  • All of our products are biodegradable & nontoxic and naturally Eco Safe
  • 100% scratch-less
  • Interior cleaned with Eco Safe products that is healthy for you and your passengers.
  • 7 days a week, an appointment is needed, and we will come to you

Eco Safe Automobile offers our customers a premium level Car Wash and Detailing Service while ensuring in the aid of our fragile environment.