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Eco Safe Auto Detail Packages

Silver Auto Care:

Complete exterior including full car wash, outside windows, tires & rims;

  • We start by fully cleaning the exterior of the car removing dirt and grime, bird droppings.
  • We then hand-wash using high grade microfiber cloths coupled with our advanced bio-degradable washing agent. The agent is an all natural blend of non toxic detergents, waxes, and macro polymers that lifts dirt away from the surface of the paint allowing it to be safely removed with a micro fiber towel. Left behind is a protective layer of macro polymers and waxes that give your car clean lasting shine. The whole process is 100% scratch-less.
  • We then clean and shine your tires and rims using a specialized petroleum-free cleaner.

Deluxe Clean & Detail (Gold Auto):

Silver Auto Car Package plus the following:

  • Full SILVER Auto Care plus
  • We vacuum your full interior including the trunk.
  • We do a complete vacuum cleaning of your seats.
  • Wiping of dashboard, console & doors.
  • We clean and polish all your windows inside and out

Complete Comprehensive Auto Care (Platinum Auto Care):

GOLD Auto Car Package plus the following:

  • Full GOLD Auto Spa plus
  • We apply carnauba wax to your exterior paint that providing a long lasting, protective, detergent resistant coating and slick, brilliant shine.
  • Complete ventilation system injected with steam killing all bacterias and germs.
  • Complete cleaning of all door jams and trims.
  • Seat treatment getting rid of most spots and removing soils and dirt from the seats.

Ultimate Photo Ready Auto Care:

PLATINUM auto care + Complete carpet spot treatments + Full detailing

  • Full Platinum Auto Care plus
  • Complete carpet spot treatments
  • Full intrigate detailing between trims and inside vents and console.
  • Fully restore your car to showroom ready.
  • We will text you picture of outside and inside of car to your phone upon completion
  • A great package for someone getting ready to sell your car. Take pictures with pride after this treatment. Treat your car, and treat yourself!

Summer Prices

Silver Auto : Special Price: $49

Gold Auto: Special Price: $99

Platinum: Special Price: $135

Ultimate: Special Price: $175

*Prices shown are direct pricing only . Cannot be combined with any other vouchers, sales or promotions. Prices shown above are for mid-sized sedans in regular condition. Promotion expires 09/01/2014.

Additional Charges:

Car Sizes: Large sedans:$15 Regular sized SUVS: $15 Minivans: $25

Larger SUVS: $25 - $60 Pick up trucks: $20 - $50

Condition: On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being cleanest to 10 being dirtiest.

0-3: $0
4-6: $20 - $30
7-10: $40 - $80