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Redeem Auto Deal

Thank You for trying our Eco Safe AutoMobile services. You'll be happy that you chose us to take care of your car. You should also feel good that you will be saving over 80 gallons of water on the day of your visit.

Eco Safe AutoMobile want to present you a sparkling and healthy car while improving our environment’s strength and sustainability. With your help, together we can make a difference in our life and our world! In our efforts to maintain further eco-balance, we also “auto-mize” our routes to reduce gas fumes and toxins; thus we book all of our routes in the same locale to achieve this goal. Please take heed of this when requesting dates.

Important: Please remove your personal belonging (clothes, shoes, stroller, car seat, etc..) and any garbage in your car.

Weather Policy:  Please note that under certain weather circumstances your appointment may be cancelled and will be rescheduled for the next available appointment:

  • High winds over 17 mph
  • Precipitation (rain, snow, etc)
  • Below 32 F or above 100 F
  • Weather advisory (red alert)

Additional Charges: This voucher is valid for a regular size sedan only and is inclusive of the services advertised. Please note, the following conditions are additional and not included in the deal:

  • Larger vehicles have additional charges including some sedans.
  • Overly dirty vehicles interior and possibly exterior.
  • Pet hair removal.
  • Stain Removal.
  • Garbage or heavy debris/dirt or sand removal.

Gratuity: Although tax is included in the voucher price, please note that gratuity is not included. Kindly tip your cleaners. Clients always ask us what the "going" rate is on tips; 15 - 20% of the retail price of your voucher is customary. Please keep in mind that our technicians do work partially on tips. We Thank You in advance.

Cancellation of a scheduled voucher / coupon redemption cleaning will take you out of your pre-arranged and agreed upon scheduled position, thus rotating you out of the schedule and repositioning you in the next available opening, behind all who may have validated their coupon after you, may or may not have yet been put on schedule for service. Please be aware that you may have sacrificed your position and it could put you days or even a week or more out before we can rotate you back into our schedule.

Policy: You must cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment date or you forfeit your coupon or be subject to a $40 rebooking fee.

* Eco Safe Automobile is not responsible for any damages or loss to their vehicle *

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