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Fleets, Dealerships & Corporate Accounts Packages Available.

Your image is a huge part of your business. Let us work with you to ensure that your fleets are always looking their pristine best. We will maintain your assets, preserving its value and maximizing your company image.

Save Time and Energy

Instead of having your employees spending valuable company time to clean and upkeep the exterior and interior of your company asset, let the professionals take care of this for you.This will enable your employees to focus their time and energy on your company's core business.

Safety and Save money

One little small chip on the windshield could mean a large crack at any given moment. Detecting them early and repairing them will save the cost of a larger repair and replacement. Oxidized, non-safe, dull headlights reduces night driving visibility and could be potentially hazardous for the safety of your employees. For their safety, it is necessary to repair the and restore the headlights. Save money before it starts costing money.

What could be better than doing your part in keeping the environment green, increase productivity & safety while keeping your vehicle maintenance cost low all at the same time?

We offer special packages and programs to help lower maintenance cost for your fleet and keep the appearance of your company vehicle presentable from time to time.

From the company executives' limo, private jet, RV or boat to the company's daily delivery trucks, trailers, vans or buses & coaches - we can offer custom programs specially tailor made to meet your requirements. Our 7 days a week mobile service comes to you at your convenience without affecting your business at no extra cost.